Meet Our Staff in Webster, Texas

Roshann safarzadeh cardenas — dance school in Webster, TX
Roshann Safarzadeh Cardenas
Roshann grew up dancing at Jill Rauscher School of Dance for 13 years. She was a gymnast and cheerleader throughout high school and could be seen performing with Razzmatazz at appearances around the city. Roshann began teaching at Jill Rauscher's School of Dance in 1997 and has been teaching there for the past 20 years. “This studio is where I realized my love for dance and it brings me such joy to see students realizing their love for dance!” In addition to teaching dance, Roshann is also a practicing attorney.
Clarissa garza — dance school in Webster, TX
Clarissa Garza
Clarissa has been a member of Jill Rauscher School of Dance since she was four years old. In 2013, she became a member of the Razzmatazz Dance Company and played lead role of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Clarissa was a member of the Clear Creek Cavaliers Drill Team throughout high school and began teaching at Jill’s right after she graduated. Clarissa is starting her fifth year as a dance teacher at JRSOD, and is currently in nursing school, working nights as a Nurse Tech. “I love teaching at the studio because it’s like none
other, the atmosphere and support you receive from
the staff is like a home away from home.”
Abby hanock — dance school in Webster, TX
Abby Hanock
Abby has been dancing for the past 19 years. She grew up dancing at Jill Rauscher’s and became one of the few dancers to become a member of Razzmatazz their 8th grade year. “Dancing at Miss Jill’s was the most incredible experience. It taught me not only how to dance, but so many life lessons as well.” Abby played the lead in Alice in Wonderland her junior year of high school. She could be seen performing all over the Clear Lake area at special events. Abby attended the University of Texas at Austin and continued to dance throughout her college career. She graduated with a BSA in Human Development and Family Sciences. “I am so excited to be back teaching with Miss Jill and can’t wait to keep dancing.”
Ellen mcmillan hickl — dance school in Webster, TX
Ellen McMillan Hickl
Ellen is a graduate of Jill Rauscher School of Dance from 1995. Upon graduation she moved to Dallas to study dance and communications at Southern Methodist University. While in Dallas, she signed with her first talent and modeling agency and began her career in the entertainment industry. Ellen spent 10 years as a model walking the runway and shooting advertisements for clients like Macy's, Diane Von Furstenburg, Dillard's, Levi's, Kenneth Cole and many more. She has appeared on shows like "The View" and now is a regular guest on local tv shows and fashion segments. She feels blessed for every opportunity that God presented her as she was able to travel the country and Europe throughout her 20's. Upon meeting her husband, Matt, in 2004, Ellen returned to Houston where she signed with another agency and continues her modeling and acting career. She has appeared in over 20 commercials in the past 6 years. Through all of her experiences, Ellen has enjoyed teaching dance for 8 years in Dallas for Densil Adams (Preston Center Dance). This will be Ellen’s 11th year teaching at JRSOD. She is thrilled to be sharing her love of Dance with all of her students and her daughter Sarah Grace. Her son named Hank can frequently be seen running around the studio with his best friend Vance Sawyer. Ellen is so thrilled to be back in her home town and in her home studio and she thanks God everyday for the wonderful opportunities she has in both her acting/modeling career and in the amazing opportunity to share her love for dance with her students.
Jane jennings — dance school in Webster, TX
Jane Jennings
A lifelong dancer, Miss Jane joined the faculty in 1979 and has been Miss Jill’s primary assistant through four decades. A graduate of the University of Texas with a minor in education, her passion for teaching the art of dance has flourished at Jill Rauscher School of Dance. She has choreographed and facilitated every age from three to adult. She is eager to bring out the best in each dancer; whether they be in the studio, performing, or in life. Her current emphasis is leading the Mother-Daughter group each year, and she teaches multi-levels of beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Miss Jane wishes to thank Miss Jill and her family for the many years of love, support and opportunity to live out her dream and to all the dancers who have enriched her life. Motto:“Dance is the expression of beauty inside.”
Charlene gonsoulin lehrman — dance school in Webster, TX
Charlene Gonsoulin Lehrmann
Charlene has been at JRSOD since her first dance class in 1971. Charlene made many appearances around the Houston/Bay Area in Jill’s first performing company, known as the Jillettes. She also performed on the Clear Lake Drill Team as a Flair. Charlene graduated from the studio in 1981 and began teaching dance classes. She graduated from U of H with her degree in education. After taking a few years off to teach school, she returned to the studio to teach dance in 1989. Charlene’s daughter, Lacey, followed in her mother’s footsteps, and graduated from Razzmatazz in 2013; making a second generation graduate. Charlene is currently the smiling face you will see working at the front desk.
Savannah blizzard mcmahon — dance school in Webster, TX
Savannah Blizzard McMahon
Savannah started taking class at Jill Rauscher School of Dance when she was 4 years old. As an avid performer in the Razzmatazz Dance Company, Savannah made many dance appearances around the Clear Lake/Houston area. She was a Flair on the Clear Lake High School drill team for three years and was first, a Junior Lieutenant and then became First Senior Lieutenant. After graduation in 2007,Savannah attended college at Texas A&M University, where she received a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Dance. While studying at A&M, she performed for four years on the Aggie Dance Team. Savannah worked for Crowd Pleasers Dance (a high school drill team camp and competition company) for 10 years. She also taught summer camps for various high school drill teams all over Texas and worked dance competitions in Houston. “I absolutely love teaching because I love kids!” This is Savannah’s sixth year teaching at JRSOD and is also a 2nd grade teacher at Brookwood Elementary. “Teaching has been my passion ever since I can remember and I am living my dream each and every day!”
Stephanie rice — dance school in Webster, TX
Stephanie (Kimzey) Rice
Stephanie began taking dance from Miss Jill at age 3 and was her first Clear Creek HS Graduate in 1986. Stephanie performed at various events around the Houston/Bay Area as a member of the Razzmatazz Dance Company. While attending SMU, Stephanie had the privilege of taking class with and meeting the legendary Gene Kelly and performing in Bob Banner's Annual Script & Score Review. After college, Stephanie moved out to Los Angeles where she worked in the entertainment industry for 4 years. Upon returning to Texas, Stephanie became the Artist Relations Coordinator with the Houston Grand Opera and worked as a Casting Associate for the Houston Film Commission. Additionally, she returned to the studio and began teaching for Miss Jill. Today, 24 years later, Stephanie is proud to co- teach Razzmatazz with Miss Jill & Miss Leslie as well as teach the Advanced Ladies' & Boy's Tap classes.
Kayleigh robertson — dance school in Webster, TX
Kayleigh Robertson
Kayleigh is is a past student and recent graduate of JRSOD. Starting dancing in 2002, she has appeared in various events around the Clear Lake/Houston area. Performing in the Razzmatazz dance company throughout high school, Kayleigh graduated from Clear Lake in 2016, and became a second generation graduate from JRSOD. She is currently a student at the University of Houston, studying Elementary Education. Kayleigh is starting her second year teaching at Jill’s. “I love to teach at this studio because I am a second generation student and I was raised at the studio.”
jackie suarez — dance school in Webster, TX
Jackie Suarez
Jackie has been teaching dance for 37 years in the Beaumont and Clear Lake area. She was trained and performed with the Beaumont Civic Ballet Company, and in 1995 joined Jill Rauscher School of Dance. The skills that she gained as a professional dancer are utilized in the classes that she instructs at JRSOD. In 2004, she was selected by Jill to start the boys tap program. Jackie has two daughters that grew up in the studio, both serving as student assistants and adding to Jill's "graduates list". Jackie instructs dancing part time now at the studio. She works full time as a Property Manager, as well as maintaining a manager’s position with Bath Junkie.
Andrea wagner svetlik — dance school in Webster, TX
Andrea Wagner Svetlik
Andrea began taking dance with Miss Jill when she was four years old. She was an active member of her Razzmatazz performing company, and had the honor of playing Alice during her senior year of high school. Throughout high school, Andrea was a member of the Clear Creek Cavaliers and continued dancing all through her college career. Andrea graduated from UHCL with her degree in Education, and now teaches 4th grade for CCISD. “Teaching is in my blood! I have been teaching for Miss Jill for close to 20 years now, and feel blessed to be a part of my dancing family for so long.”
Amy waehner — dance school in Webster, TX
Amy Waehner
Amy grew up in the studio and is a proud graduate of Miss Jill's. She took dance classes from Miss Jill for 15 years and this is her 9th year teaching at the studio. She loves teaching at the studio because it feels like home, and she loves inspiring young dancers to believe in themselves. Amy loves to tap and dances with the Ladies' Tap class as well. Amy is also a second grade teacher at Landolt Elementary and a graduate of the University of Houston. She is a loving dog mom to her boxer, Callie and a doting aunt to her nephew, Irvin.